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P-61 Pilot's Manual

Dad's War -- resources for researching your father's experience

A huge list of resources regarding the CBI theater

"Flying the Hump" -- over the Himalayas

Flying Tiger Heritage Park -- Proposed China monument -- Donate now!

CBI Memorial Society

CBI Unit Lineages and History

Travel Aire Tours to important 14th Air Force Sites

A 7th Air Force Site

Northrop's P-61 Black Widow

"Life" article on Chennault

"A Pocket Guide to China"

Arlington National Cemetery

Warren Thompson's P-61 Book

Histories of World War II

Pendleton Air Museum

Warren Weidenburner's page (by his son)

Henry A. Barber's Page (by his daughter)

Robert Bursian's Page (by his son)

James A. Corbitt's page (by his son)

Anthony DeFusco's page (by his nephew)

John J. Gardner's page (by his son)

Frank Guinn's page (by his grandson)

Charles E. Hacking's page (by his son)

Glenn J. Harris's page (by his son)

Frederick N. Hernandez's page (by his grandson)

Alma D. Jessop's page (by his son)

Walter Henry Charles Kingham (by his daughter)

Eugene McGuire (by his son)

Bill Sharp (by his son)

William B. Thompson (by his son)

LeRoy V. Watson (by his son)

Wesley Werner (by his son)

US Army Air Forces Site

Dad's WWII Memorial Web Page